Henry V Cast Announcement

The Such Stuff Players is pleased to present the casting for their 2013 production of Henry V on April 23-25, 2013.


Such Stuff Player’s Henry V

Chorus – Ben

The English
Henry V – double cast with Zachary and Hannah
Duke of Exeter, Henry’s uncle – double cast with Zachary and Hannah
Duke of Gloucester, Henry’s brother – Zeke
Duke of Bedford, Henry’s brother – Shanti
Duke of York, Henry’s cousin – Bridget
Earl of Westmorland – Caelyn
Cpt. Gower, an Englishman – Josh
Cpt. Fluellen, a Welshman – Daniel
Pistol – Hannah B
Nym – AJ
Bardolph – Graeme
Boy – Meguire
Mistress Quickly, hostess of the Boar’s Head tavern, and Pistol’s wife – Bridget
Archbishop of Canterbury – AJ
Bishop of Ely – Daniel
English Soldier – Joshua
English Soldier – Arron
English Soldier – Zeke

The Traitors
Earl of Cambridge, Henry’s cousin – Arron
Lord Scroop – Tim
Sir Thomas Grey – Emma

The French
King of France – Ariel
Louis, their son, the Dauphin – Graeme
Katharine, their daughter – Maggie
Alice, Katherine’s lady-in-waiting – Caelyn
Duke of Berry – Tim
Duke of Burgundy – Emma
Duke of Bretagne – Katie
Monsieur le Fer, French soldier – Rachel
Montjoy, French Herald – Caleb
Governor of Harfleur – Ariel
Raquel, Lady in Waiting – Rachel
Elise, Lady in Waiting – Emma
Suzette, Lady in Waiting – Shanti
Pauline, Lady in Waiting – Piper Prairie

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