If You Can Mock a Leek, You Can Eat a Leek


We thought we might try interviewing our newest cast member.

SSP: So Leekie, what made you want to join our little troupe?

Leekie: I thought it was a great part and it seemed so much more fulfilling than casserole or soup work.

SSP: Can you tell us a little about the part without any spoilers?

Leekie: Well basically I’m friends with this great captain Fluellen. He’s Welsh and a little bit different from the rest of the English and everyone knows it but we’re good friends, always hanging out and such. He’s a Welshman and some Welshmen have been known to even wear their leek friends in their Monmouth caps – that’s a special kind of Welsh hat!

SSP: So, do you see much action in the war?

Leekie: Nah, but afterwards I get to beat up this kind of scummy thief who’s been on Fluellen’s case for awhile. It’s kind of dangerous and so we may be using a body stunt double, but it’s a great little part and I’m having a lot of fun. The cast and crew are awesome.

SSP: Well, we look forward to seeing your debut.

Leekie: I hope everyone will make an effort to come and see the show. And I’d really like to encourage any vegetables out there who might be interested in acting to take the plunge and give it a try.

You can see Leekie in his “Leek about the Pate” scene at the Such Stuff Players performance of Henry V on April 23-25, 2013.

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