Casting Announced

The cast for 2014’s Cymbeline has been announced:

First Lord Emile – Meguire McRae-Kin
First Gentleman Darius – Ben McIntyre-Ridd

Imogen – double cast between Maggie Gehman and Caelyn K.
Posthumous – Danial McIntyre-Ridd
Pisania – Hannah Gehman

Cymbeline – Zachary
The Queen – Hannah
Cloten – Caleb

Antonio the Soldier – Zeke
Cornelius the Doctor – AJ
Second Lord – Emma
Lady Helen – Shanti

Philario – Tim
Ocatvio – double cast between Maggie Gehman and Caelyn
Lucia – Piper-Prairie
Marcus – Poet
Iachimo – Dagen Perrott
Francois the Frenchmen – Aaron

Cauius Lucius – Bridget
Soothsayer – Rachel
Assistant Soothsayer – Piper-Prairie
Roman Soldier – AJ

Belarius – Josh
Arviragus – Ben McIntyre-Ridd
Guiderius – Graeme

British Soldier – Hannah
Leopold the British Lord – Aaron
British Captain – Tim
Nero the Gaoler – Emma

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