The Beginning

January 27, 2013 in 2013 Henry V

After the casting announcements were made, the troupe met just before Christmas for their over-the-holidays assignment.

Each actor needed to mark out the metre for their poetry lines and then to translate their parts into modern English.

At our first meeting in January, the actors read through their modern English lines. Many of the actors had used modern day slang and the read through was most enjoyable.

This past week, we had our first complete read through in the original Shakespearean. It took just over an hour, well with in our time range.

Our First Read Through

Show Dates Set

January 27, 2013 in 2013 Henry V

Join us for Shakespeare Henry V in April 2013.

The preliminary show schedule will be:

April 23 evening show
April 24 afternoon and evening show
April 25 afternoon show.

Mark you calendars.

Henry V Cast Announcement

December 19, 2012 in 2013 Henry V

The Such Stuff Players is pleased to present the casting for their 2013 production of Henry V on April 23-25, 2013.


Such Stuff Player’s Henry V

Chorus – Ben

The English
Henry V – double cast with Zachary and Hannah
Duke of Exeter, Henry’s uncle – double cast with Zachary and Hannah
Duke of Gloucester, Henry’s brother – Zeke
Duke of Bedford, Henry’s brother – Shanti
Duke of York, Henry’s cousin – Bridget
Earl of Westmorland – Caelyn
Cpt. Gower, an Englishman – Josh
Cpt. Fluellen, a Welshman – Daniel
Pistol – Hannah B
Nym – AJ
Bardolph – Graeme
Boy – Meguire
Mistress Quickly, hostess of the Boar’s Head tavern, and Pistol’s wife – Bridget
Archbishop of Canterbury – AJ
Bishop of Ely – Daniel
English Soldier – Joshua
English Soldier – Arron
English Soldier – Zeke

The Traitors
Earl of Cambridge, Henry’s cousin – Arron
Lord Scroop – Tim
Sir Thomas Grey – Emma

The French
King of France – Ariel
Louis, their son, the Dauphin – Graeme
Katharine, their daughter – Maggie
Alice, Katherine’s lady-in-waiting – Caelyn
Duke of Berry – Tim
Duke of Burgundy – Emma
Duke of Bretagne – Katie
Monsieur le Fer, French soldier – Rachel
Montjoy, French Herald – Caleb
Governor of Harfleur – Ariel
Raquel, Lady in Waiting – Rachel
Elise, Lady in Waiting – Emma
Suzette, Lady in Waiting – Shanti
Pauline, Lady in Waiting – Piper Prairie